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Even those offhanded expressions hold some power. You could have an epiphany about something you often say, realizing what it actually means for the very first time. You do what you want to do, your way. When someone tries to boss you around, nip it in the bud. LEO July Aug. Some people make friends wherever they go. You are one of those people. Pick out a color — that moment is near. An unexpected gift brings a momentary reprieve from financial pressure.

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But do enjoy the stroke of good luck while you think about other ways you might make a bit more dough. You learn something about your boss that makes him or her seem a little more relatable to you.

Horoscope June 2019 All Signs: Breakthroughs, Breakups and Voyages

You realize that beneath the roles we are compelled to play, we are all just people who need people. Ask a friend for assistance. As hard as it is to do, the people who love you genuinely want and need to help. Giving will fill them with purpose. They just need the opportunity. Give them one. Remember when you used to draw? Your sign does not change because it relates to a piece of unchanging sky, not to the shifting belt of the constellations.

In India, the Vedic astrologers acknowledge the precession of the equinoxes in their calculations, and shift all the planets and constellations 23 degrees. Vedic astrology puts much more emphasis on the fast-moving moon, and in the West, we underscore the Sun. In both systems, Western and Vedic, the sky is divided into 12 signs to correspond with each of the 12 months, with each zodiac sign accounting for 30 degrees.

The reason why there are 12 signs and not 13 has to do with the lunation cycle. There are approximately twelve cycles of the Sun and new or full moon in a year. A Sun sign stands for one month even though a month comprises a few more days than a lunar month, that latter being 28 days. In Western astrology, the Sun is king.

In Vedic astrology, astrologers in India put more emphasis on the moon, which is a faster moving body than the Sun. In the West, the Sun is the face you give to the world, and the place in the chart that shows where you shine brightest — a very Western cultural idea. The Sun indicates the father in the chart, or at the very least, authority figures. In India, the moon is more important, focusing on your inner feelings, emotions, love, family, conception, care for a child, and for mother.

Each culture has a different emphasis. I am completely oversimplifying the two methods, and mean no disrespect to those who follow the Vedic method. I may have characterized things a bit too simply in the interest in clarity, but if I did go too far, forgive me.

I realize the precession of the equinoxes may be a difficult concept to take in, so let me show you in another way to demonstrate the way Western astrologers think about their favored tropical fixed zodiac method. You build a charming cottage on it, and the street your cottage is near, where all your mail is sent, is called Primrose Lane, so you call your cottage Primrose House.

Not many people name their house, but stay with me on this. In time, the town rezones, and the name of the street in front of your darling cottage changes. Part of your house stills stands on Primrose Lane, but now most of the cottage stands on the same street, suddenly called Blue Bell Lane.

Like many country roads, Primrose Lane runs straight into Blue Bell Lane as you go along that old dirt road. Your cottage is still there, and it is still the same. However, the name of the road in front of your house has changed. Your cottage is still called Primrose House. Even if someday the town rezones again and changes the name of the country road in front of your house to a completely new name, your house will remain the same — yours, untouched and constant — and you keep the same name.

The road constellation helps us find you. Said in scientific terms, in Western astrology, your astrological zodiac sign corresponds to the position of the Sun as it sits in relationship to the two solstices June 21 and December At the solstice, the Sun is either nearest or farthest from the equator depending on if you live in Northern or Southern Hemisphere. In America, for example, June 21 marks the beginning of summer. That is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and December 21 brings the shortest day of the year.

The signs are also tied to the equinoxes March 21 and September The equinox is when the time of daylight is precisely equal to nighttime — the two are in perfect balance. In springtime in northern latitudes, after March 21, the light begins to increase in length number of hours of each day, and beginning September 23, the number of hours of daylight decreases. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the reverse dates are true for you, with spring — and longer days — coming on September People often ask me, since I write my forecasts based on the symbolism of nature in the Northern Hemisphere, can they be valid for the Southern Hemisphere, too?

Absolutely yes. Astrology works the same in all locations, Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


Chris Reed: Astrology is having a moment. Don’t give it the time of day.

Think of astrology as sensitive to the pace, forces, and rhythms of life, as determined through the mathematical patterns and cycles seen in nature. Those are enduring energies that are manifested in each of our lives, and within us, no matter where we are living at the time. You will always have free will to make your choice. Due to time zone changes, you may feel an aspect a day earlier or later, but that is all. You need to take into account the three qualities and the four elements. Each season has three months, and there are three different qualities.

One is assigned to each of the signs falling within that three-month season. Consequently, within each season we find a cardinal, fixed, and mutable sign 3.

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Cardinal signs begin a season, define direction, and produce energetic people who enjoy change and pioneering into new areas, sometimes for the very sake of change. The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Fixed signs are strong leaders and remain true to goals. The fixed signs fall in the middle of each of the four seasons and are the standard-bearer or powerful pillar for their particular season.

Thus, you have Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius serving as the fixed signs. For example, Leo, in August, brings us the most quintessential expression of summer in Northern Hemisphere latitudes, and in the same regions, Taurus brings, in May, the most quintessential expression of spring. Mutable signs are the most communicative and flexible and are excellent in a crisis, as they are conceptual and think on their feet.

Those signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

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The mission of the mutable signs is to get you ready to transition into the next season, accounting for why people of these mutable signs are so adaptable. As you see, in astrology, we assign characteristics from what nature teaches us about the time of the year you were born. The zodiac signs are also assigned one of the four elements to each of the signs and are classified by fire, air, water, and earth signs 4. Fire signs are enthusiastic and often creative. Air signs are quite analytical and intellectual, and they love a good debate.

Earth signs are realistic, practical, steadfast, and reliable. Water signs have a high degree of emotional intelligence and are intuitive. They are quite compassionate, too. When an element is paired with one of the qualities listed above, you have 4 elements x 3 qualities totaling twelve signs 12 for twelve months of the year, each of which is unique.

No combination is repeated, as you will see here: Aries is fire-cardinal; Taurus is earth-fixed; Gemini is air-mutable; Cancer is water-cardinal; Leo is fire-fixed; Virgo is earth-mutable; Libra is air-cardinal; Scorpio is water-fixed; Sagittarius is fire-mutable; Capricorn is cardinal-earth; Aquarius is air-fixed, and Pisces is water-mutable. From this pairing even more unique qualities of each of the signs can be gleaned — too numerous to list here! As you see, if you add a thirteenth sign, what quality would it have?

What element would it be?

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Three qualities times four elements equal twelve — no room for thirteen. There is one last point to consider that will help you realize why Ophiuchus cannot become a sign unto itself now or in the future. Astrology is based on polarities. These signs are tied to one another in interesting ways, working to balance one another and to bring the gift that each other possesses out in the open. The opposite sign also takes those gifts and often will bring that talent or proclivity to a new, more evolved place. In astrology, you need the yin and yang — another reason a thirteenth sign would not happen.

In the end, Mr. That served as a gentle kind of retraction that came later. I hope you have come to understand more about the rich history that astrology brings from ancient antiquity, and why, yes, you must read for the sign you always thought you were, and came to love. Is There a 13th Sign?

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  8. By Susan Miller Every so often, NASA or a member of the scientific community makes a statement about astrology that gets everyone in a tizzy. Hipparchus of Nicaea Discovered the Precession of Equinoxes in BC The fact is, the theory of the precession of the equinoxes was not started by the astronomers at the Minneapolis planetarium at all, but was developed in approximately in BC by the Greek mathematician, geographer, astronomer, and astrologer, Hipparchus of Nicaea BC.

    Fixed Constellations Won After Hipparchus of Nicaea discovered the precession of the equinoxes in BC, a decision had to be made by the astrological community back then about how to make calculations astrology is very mathematical. Tropical Fixed Astrology of the West, Demonstrated by a Little Example I realize the precession of the equinoxes may be a difficult concept to take in, so let me show you in another way to demonstrate the way Western astrologers think about their favored tropical fixed zodiac method.

    Western Astrology Corresponds to the Sun as it Falls in Relationship to Solstices and Equinoxes Said in scientific terms, in Western astrology, your astrological zodiac sign corresponds to the position of the Sun as it sits in relationship to the two solstices June 21 and December Trust your moneymaking ideas. However, be careful when spending because you might go overboard. This makes you charming, diplomatic and pleasing to others. Everyone wants you to be on their team!

    Give yourself this chance to restore and replenish yourself. You can also be eccentric. It's time to leave behind heavy burdens and move to something new and lighter this year. Start taking inventory so you can let go of whatever is no longer relevant in your life.