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Transparency and honesty is very imperative to them. Libras are sociable creatures and love to be loved by everyone. It's just in their nature to want everyone to feel good around them. Since Libras are represented by scales, they'll also need a partner who's willing to bear with them as they go through their changing mind and moods. Scorpios need truth, deep connection and loyalty in a relationship. A confident partner who doesn't mind sharing everything will win a Scorpio's heart.

They also need meaningful conversation and passion. That's why she says many Sagittarians stay single their whole lives and are known for being "eternal bachelors and bachelorettes. A fellow world traveler or someone who doesn't need to be rooted to one place works for them, she says.

Many can also do well with someone who's grounded as they can keep them from flying off in too many directions. Capricorns are complicated but simple.

10 Reasons Aries Are The Most Entertaining People To Be Around

Their perfect partner will also have the ability to show them how to have fun. According to Wright, Capricorns have silly senses of humor when they get comfortable with you. Aquarius goes by their own set of rules. They mainly need freedom to follow whatever their heart tells them is right. But be prepared.

It will probably change quite a bit. So an Aquarian definitely needs a partner who can get on board and bring their own ideas to the table. Pisces are dreamers who pretty much like to go where the wind takes them. Neuro-Rehabilitation 6. Special Education 7. Read More. Tweets by autismmacedonia. Users Today : This Month : Total Users : They seem to care more about people who are not closest to them — at best what could be called acquaintances. Their loved ones need a thick skin to deal with their eccentric ways. Just ask any spouse of an Aquarian who will tell you the numerous times they were left to fend for themselves at a social event while their dearly beloved was off looking for the most interesting person in the place to mingle with.

They need their freedom at all costs. Many Aquarians are inventive and will come up with unique and useless innovations. The new and scientific really appeal to them and they never cease to show off what they consider their brilliance and originality. They can be erratic and sometimes their behavior could get them committed.

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They are not materialistic and will tend to give away their money and possessions to humanitarian causes. Saving the world is what matters most to them and many of them believe they truly have the intellectual capabilities to do it. Aquarians are the classic know-it-all. This sign is the doormat of the zodiac.

When the going gets tough they hit whatever can remove them from the mundane - drugs, alcohol, religion or food. They seek to escape the cold hard reality of life and prefer living life wearing rose colored glasses. Pisces are romantics and have probably had their tender-heart broken on more than one occasion. They usually see only the good in others so are easily deceived and often deluded.

They are extremely emotional and no doubt their friends call them a cry baby behind their back. Even their grandmother is probably sick and tired of their constant blabbering. They have no clue when it comes to practical matters and are completely disorganized which means their life is a mess. They tend to hear voices and can be psychic…or is that psycho? They are self-sacrificing to the point of masochism and just about anyone or anything can pull at their heartstrings such as a homeless person needing a hot shower or an acquaintance wanting to lend a large sum of money.

Tragedy moves them so they seek it out and take it on. They are generous and not concerned with materialism so will be taken advantage of in money matters. They are a very charitable type and would think nothing of squandering their inheritance or holiday bonus money. Their moods can range from euphoric to miserable in a matter of minutes. They are hypersensitive and pick up on others moods like a sponge. Pisces love money too and are not really nice people.

Pisces will need you as long as they can use you. What is the written about Pisces.. Is very true.. About them being lovely. For you to feel like a Pisces finally got the balls to stand up to you… Or say anything back.. You had to have abused and manipulated them for a long time. Long enough for them to formulate a plan And long enough for you to be so arrogant. I partially agree with what was written about pisces. Im a pisces sun and ascendant, trust me, it suck balls. Hear voices??

I seem to have met the worst Pisces of them all. They are narcissistic and nasty if you break up with them. All this nice nicey about them is bullshit. Totally agree with you. Diabolical individuals disguised as angels. It was very fun reading your more that accurate description of persons under the influence zodiac. Thanks for getting the humor! Someone who cares for the needy and really is the light of the world gets confused for dumb and naive in a worldly sense.

Those times is what makes them the most internally strong and resilient. When I read weirdest, I was like: Thank you.

Still, in my opinion the best sign is Aquarius since our bad feature is being weird. My mom and my brother are Scorpio and my father a Taurus. This is according to the zodiac signs. This is the best response ever!! I love it. Beautifully put. Lol, all of the Earth zodiac signs have the same problem of being stingy, conservative, and bland.

Aries, Leo, Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, help me be more wild!! Did you know that the majority of the sadistic serial killers belong to that sign. The cancer mood swing is dangerous?

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Haha so funny!! My husband of 9 years is Aquarius, definitely not one to open up emotionally, not one to tell you all the reasons why they love you… But last night I was so sick and he came home after working 11 hours with 3 different types of medicine for me, so worried and took care of me all night! Oh my goodness you hit the nail on the head with Taurus, my mom is so stubborn almost childlike when it comes to getting what she wants!

So not true about Capricorn. That was horrible. I would rather struggle than accept anything from anyone. Wtf was that description about?? You have us mixes up with Taurus. Agree, I never ask for anything and I am not boring. Matter of fact I hate being bored and I like to try new things things, and getting out, I rather be outside rather than staying home.

Kelli must really hate Capricorns.

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The Ugly Truth About the Signs

Her comments about them is a nasty, untrue rant. I know quite a few Cappies and not one of them have such nasty traits. There is no humour in it at all. And we are not boring we are reserved and only those really close to use will see our wild side. There is no such thing as a cusp. Your Sun sign depends upon which sign the Sun was in at the moment of your birth. You can look up the exact day of your birth in an ephemeris.

My zodiac sign is Libra…. I am a libra man I always care for the feelings of others so I sometimes lied to them but it is for good purpose. I do not agree with you at all. I get bored very Easily and I considered my life as an adventure. You know not every description fits every one because all of us are the product of different cultures, family and life experiences. We like helping. We are not boring you just have to be close to us to see our wild side. I know they are loud egolistic and arrogant noise makers but stealing ideas is rare cos infact they help people with their ideas..

I agree. Well I am a Sagittarius and I do love going to family gathering and drinking but not everyday and I can hold a dollar. You point out some very interesting facets about each sign. We can all learn from them. We should look at what planets are in what signs and their aspects to each other. I know a Capricorn who is very emotional. He cries at sad stories and happy stories. He is a very passionate person which is both good and bad depending upon the situation.

He is a manipulator. He lies and cheats on his wife. I know a Pisces who is very materialistic. Only the finest things will do for her. She always has to have X amount of money with her. Aquarius here. I had a really good laugh at my truth, extremely accurate imo. Leo are known to be diplomatic when it comes to friendships, very stuck-up and bossy, and also very arrogant.

Hi Kelli. I am a Gemini. Known as sweet, loving, loyal and for giving the shirt off of my back. I saw the ugly truths but the ugliest about Geminis to me anyone can hold those qualities. Some Geminis are exactly that. But so are other signs. My questions to you are have you had a bad encounter s with a Gemini and are you a Pisces?

Cappy must be strong enough to take the heat…. You wrote some bull shit that u picked up from the trash about Pisces! And YES we know when someone is trying to use us or being nice Only to take something they need from us , we are Emotional and when Confronted we can turn to a Beast in No time. Go do some more researches before u come in here and start Sanctifying some Zodiacs cause they screwed u over and putting some down Cause they just never cared about your Bluffing? Y is it bad to be out of ordinary? Y do Aquarius have to act like someone there not?

Y is it that u think parts of that paragraph is true? Y is it that we would not want to be around the person we chose to marry? Tell me the answer. Aquarius is the superior sign. Silent treatment cold immature its like they getting pleasure in punishing people with these acts. Oh my and the cheating is the best they lie cheat to your face over and over.

These people should never be in a relationship. Why are you still with him? We prefer friends who I. E people who take nothing and both give. To enjoy one another. The ideal friendship Be open to his face please. So am I the only one who noticed that Grannies are dissed in every one of these descriptions?

Watch out Grannies, any one of your grandchildren could be out to get you. You forgot to mention we also have a vicious temper. We were the ONLY sign that was categorized as both bestial prefers primal instincts over higher reasoning and fully feral capableof savage and destructive behavior when angered. And lions do not bark, but ROAR. They can tear their prey apart.

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So people need to think twice before upsetting them. This article was meant to bring out the bad parts of all signs, and while I understand not everything was right, if you want to go somewhere to feed your ego, this is certainly not the place. Please do not insult other signs. Thank you! I am a pisces and the humor is hilarious. BUT , that aint too true. When i was a kid i was like that big now im the total opposite of everything. I dont need to say im a user or manipulative to make myself look stronger.

I can be a nice person but to people i love and trust. It general i have no friends because i dont like people and i will not take any shit from anybody not even my fiance or family. I feel as though lifes challenges made me a tough cookie as well as being done over as a child. I do struggle with confrontation but i have an absolutely bad temper that if i encounter it, that person will never want to talk to me again.

My shit is very intense and emotional worse than an aries. But im much more relaxed and calmer then one. Its more like when i try and avoid stupid situations and dummy minded people, and try to stay to myself in peace, bullshit comes my way and i want to kill a MF because you are intruding and interrupting my happiness with your stupidity.

Im a loner and im happiest that way. Some pisces can be fucked up like this article but hey everybody has a downside. But it depends on your life and experiences. For sure. I say leave me alone , but if u like confrontation for fun and bullying reasons, i will haunt you and make sure i am creative about it, use my skills , my bad manipulative skills and make u feel like slime and im also very stubborn more than a Taurus.

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Thats my fiance and he tells me that. At least that is how i am as a 34 year old pisces woman who cares for animals for a living. I also have nothing really bad to say about other zodiacs. I dont really enjoy people who are dull, boring, serious, conservative, cold , nitpicking, overly logical, rigid, structured, materialistic , money and power hungry, insensitive and not deep. Rather not talk to these folks. But the signs i mentioned i had lots of free fun with and happy times and the sad times with these signs never last because of the optimism.. Now on other hand scorpio s can be dark but they have a extremely deep emotional spiritual depth that not any other sign can match me in.

Only scorpio. They are soo deep that i dont feel like im the only one on the fucking planet. But as i said in my other comment, im a loner by choice and i enjoy it. Had many friends but now in my life i enjoy being by myself. Only my other half understands that cus pisces needs lots of alone time. I got one thing to say, capricorns have good traits but they are way too cold.

How can u live a life of feeling cold and being that way. That would hurt my spirit. Im an animal caretaker so that wouldnt work. A horse might attack me because of karma from being soo damn cold. Wheres the heart at, in the freezer hibernating for the right person to break the ice and suffer greatly at the same time. They are like working dogs like huskeys. Put them in a factory and thats it. Cant be.

Its okay to show that you are human. God gave you feelings and emotions for a reason. If you discard them or suppress them, money will not replace that, u can convince yourself it will. Denial is the foundation of depression dear capricorns. But you all are not that way. Thank god.

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Whos going to make the wife and family money. Just kidding. I had to laugh at all these descriptions. They are taken to the very extreme range of the bad sides of each sign. Same for all the other signs of people that I know. I realize the article was probably written to be dramatic but it ridiculous how bad you make everyone sound. All I could do was laugh.

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I am an Aries female.. I mean. If we ever are, its for good reason but for the most part we HATE selfish people if anything because we are so kind and generous and really love people to death and care about them. We should have been on the list for the most moody. Our mood changes like crazy sometimes it feels like we are always on our period. The slightest bit of boredom could ruin everything anywhere, anytime.

They defo lack of humor. I am so happy I got here today! I am Leo and damm all you said is right about us.