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When we're relaxed with people, it's because there's no longer a need to create a good impression. We can be our true selves; there's no need for facades of any kind. There are times though, when that level of trust can be abused.

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You're someone who easily makes people feel relaxed. The Full Moon brings an opportunity to redraw a blurred boundary and forgive someone who pushed through one of yours. We use the phrase 'living in a fantasy world' when we want to be dismissive of someone's approach to life.

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Yet we're all living in a world that we've created from the depths of our imaginations. We see things the way we want to see them and hear what we want to hear. We filter information so that it reinforces our beliefs and supports our views.

Venus' movements indicate that an inspiring improvement is possible. Don't allow anyone's view to colour this experience. One way to put your problems into perspective is to take yourself to the top floor of a very tall building and look at the world carrying on under your gaze. We allow our problems and worries to grow to such a size that they take over our lives and prevent us from seeing what's really going on. As the moon grows full, it shines onto a difficulty in your life in a way that highlights it from a different angle.

Your perspective is changing. The problem is nowhere near as big as you think. What, exactly, does winning look like? And, while we're on the subject, what about losing? Well, if you find yourself right at the very bottom of the heap, then you're almost certainly nearing victory. Life can only get better from there.

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If, on the other hand, you're riding a tidal wave of success, there's a long way to fall. The solution to this conundrum is simple: aim for the middle! With Venus empowering you, you're close to attaining success in a key relationship. Keep going exactly as you are. Free Biorhythms Compatibility Chart Compare your energy level with your lover or anyone by using the Biorhythm charts.


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Daily Horoscopes. Weekly Horoscopes. Monthly Horoscopes. We use the saying 'seeing eye-to-eye' when two people are in agreement. Is that not what boxers do before a fight? Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac, will enter Capricorn on December January 1 kicks off with a full moon in Cancer, activating the astral axis associated with home and work.

This tension will continue to swell throughout the year, finally breaking on July 12 during a solar eclipse in Cancer. This solar eclipse will trigger a beginning, activating the next series of eclipses that will occur over the following two years. Last summer, we discovered what we needed to release from our lives. These next four eclipses will help us to actualize this release. When the final eclipse of this series occurs on January 21, , we will have officially completed the chapter. For readers who still use a paper calendar, grab a giant marker and circle January 15, April 14, and September On these dates, generous Jupiter connects with transformative Pluto, forming an extremely magical and very rare alignment.

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Eclipses often bring abrupt and shocking transformation, but the Jupiter and Pluto bond — in astrospeak, this bond is called a sextile — encourages positive growth. On May 15, Uranus moves into Taurus, beginning its eight-year tour across the Earth sign constellation. Since March , Uranus — the planet associated with uprisings, revolutions, and shocking events — has been cruising through Aries, the fiery constellation associated with impulsive actions. When Uranus glides into Taurus, the rebellious planet becomes increasingly focused on tangible transformation.

On November 8, however, Jupiter says au revoir to Scorpio and prances into the Sagittarius constellation. From November 8 through December 2, , philosophy, travel, and discovery will be front and center.

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Fortune will be kind to our efforts to philosophize, ideate, and innovate. By the end of the year, three planets will be occupying their native signs: Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces. When in their corresponding constellations, these planets will function at their highest vibrations.

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A much-needed sense of stability and groundedness will mark the end of Click through to your full horoscope below, and happy New Year, cosmic warriors! See you in ! Aries is always up for a challenge, and is definitely going to serve up a few.